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HSBC Survey Confirms Benefits for Gen-Z to Work Abroad

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Written by Michael Froehls

HSBC has just nailed it. They confirmed the benefits for Gen-Z and Millennials to work abroad. As you know, this blog is all about the advantages of having a global mindset and pursuing opportunities not only within but also outside your country’s borders. How nice to get some confirmation today from CNBC and HSBC. Read the article. No surprise that they focused on countries where you get by with English alone. My tip – don’t be limited by a lack of language skills. Increase your opportunity set by investing in at least one foreign language.

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Hello! I am Michael Froehls and the founder of Go Global Be Happy. My nickname is The Global Wanderer. After seeing how many of my students are interested in living a more global life, I decided to start this blog. Having traveled to about 60 countries and worked, lived, and studied on several continents, I am excited to help others leverage our world. After a successful career in consulting and corporate America, I now teach Global Business & Global Marketing at the University of Texas at Austin. My passion has not changed - exploring and enjoying our world every day. Very thankful for my life in the US and my wonderful Colombian partner whom I met while working in Latin America.

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