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Many millionaires stretch their legs across countries by having multiple residences, passports, a sexy foreign spouse, and multi-lingual kids. Successful companies are designing, creating, and selling countless products and services internationally. Thinking global and leveraging our interconnected world offers a lot more than just staying home. Industrious and creative people and companies don’t like to be tied to the little spot on the big globe they were born to, currently live, or operate in. Why would you? View the world as your oyster and leverage it for a happy and successful life.

Curiosity is the foundation

At Go Global Be Happy we believe that the global journey starts with a curious and open mind. Observe and go beyond your local horizon. The second step is to understand the personal options you have already now and which ones you should develop and invest in. Finally, like being at a sumptuous Indian lunch buffet, you need to decide which of the fine choices are right for you and your (future) family. Moreover, you don’t have to be rich to do that, just curious.

Our experienced authors and interview partners

All blog authors and interview partners have had the good fortune of extensive and global travel. Also, they had the time to reflect on the experience of living, working, studying, or investing abroad. Some of us have foreign spouses as well. Go Global Be Happy is our rallying cry. We mean it.

Our mission – help you globalize your life

By expanding and diversifying life choices, everybody can increase their chances of finding happiness.  That’s just pure math, not an empty promise. Our authors will share ideas, original thoughts, resources, and practical advice on how YOU identify and create opportunities abroad. We will interview experts and people who “have done it”. Moreover, we will talk about their successes, failures, and lessons learned. View us as an entertaining, but serious personal guide with only one mission: to inspire and help you make at least one, if not several decisions to globalize your life successfully within the next 12 months.

Here is what you can expect to read about:

5 exciting topics

  • How to use travel and foreign stays to advance your career or build your own company/start-up successfully? How to learn from successful businesses and entrepreneurs abroad?
  • Where and how to find your dream location to live a happy, healthy, and safe live? Which cities fit your personality and personal circumstances, which ones to avoid? Do you look for a place that is diverse, egalitarian, low inequality, and provides universal healthcare? Or do you prefer a more cut-throat, winner-takes-all place with few social benefits but higher chances to strike it rich?
  • How to strategically think about moving to foreign soil? When is the right time to leave your country? How do you emigrate and then immigrate successfully?
  • Once you start saving for the future, what are promising ways to diversify and invest in foreign markets? What can I do with small amounts of money?
  • What to learn from international and intercultural couples? How can you internationalize your personal life? How can you, your partner, and (future) kids reap amazing benefits not easily available to more locally oriented couples and offspring?

Start the journey

Your life is a journey.  This means you can optimize it within the box of your city and country. This might be enough. Or you can adopt a global mindset to discover new and meaningful options, fresh possibilities to experience the world differently, and perhaps reshaping the purpose of your life. There is a beautiful and diverse world waiting for you. Join us for an exciting international ride!

Go Global Be Happy

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PS: Please comment, share your ideas, join the discussion, and spread the word. Additionally, let us know if you would like being interviewed or writing a guest piece on something you have experienced or be in expert in. Sending us comments, feedback, and your topics of interest is highly appreciated. Help us create the blog that reading is worth your time.