Frequently Asked Questions

Who should read this blog?

You – assuming you are at least a bit curious, open to entertain new ideas, and ready to make changes to improve your happiness, well-being, and long-term security.

We plan to inspire you to dream about options outside your home country – be it with regard to your career, the best location for a happy life, interesting investments, a safe spot for your kids to grow up, or even finding the foreign spouse you always wanted. In a nutshell, we’ll help you discover new options you may not have contemplated, and provide you with ideas on how to implement them.

We take a long-term view given that your life expectancy might top 100 years soon. The younger you are, the more time to implement our actionable ideas you should have.

We hope to cover topics of interest independent of your location. Many blogs will be thought pieces, the interpretation of events, laws, statistics, tendencies, and observations. You might also find contradicting opinions among various bloggers, so read and consider thoughtfully.

Why this blog now?

On one side, our world is globalized like never before. On the other side, we see tendencies of countries around the globe to retrench, make legal immigration harder, and protect industries at the expense of consumers. Geopolitical tensions are up almost everywhere.

Then there is technology. We are on the cusp of changes we can hardly comprehend yet. Countless opportunities of technology are about to become reality – eradication of many diseases, amazing convenience and help in daily life for consumers or the elderly, better security. Then there are the threats for our economic and physical well-being – automation, AI, pervasive tracking and the end of privacy, the dystopian surveillance by countries and companies. We have no idea how it all will play out – but it’s a strong incentive to plan your future with all the local and international options you have got while remaining agile and flexible to react to changes.

Go Global Be Happy might help you prepare better in these challenging times.

What will be your main topic?

That will depend on you. We have decided to start a bit broad under the umbrella of sharing ideas on how to leverage this world and enjoy a richer life by going global in thoughts and actions. We firmly believe we can all learn from international companies and millionaires how to seek, acquire, and exercise options that lie beyond our borders. For this, it might not be necessary to move at all: think international investing. Or it might involve relocation to a different continent to realize your dream of a start-up in a business-friendly city with a great vibe and excellent infrastructure in Europe.

If we had to bet, we would put our money on the topic of finding your best place to live and work as the core of this blog. Many people never move, and when they do, it’s for a company and not necessarily to a location of their choice. Location, location, location is not only the mantra in real estate, but should be for your life.

Will you interview people in podcasts or videos?

Yes. We will interview many interesting folks who have stories to tell that we all can benefit from. People of interest to us are the couple that started a new life in Brazil. The digital nomad. The expat that landed in tax hell during his time abroad. The German guy who found his dream spouse in Colombia–oh wait, that’s me!

Then there are our readers – you. We hope that over time more and more readers will comment on articles and share their tips and tricks. If you have a great story or recommendations to share, let us know. Do you like to be interviewed? Likewise, please let us know at

We foresee having forums and group discussions or even seminars.

What are you selling?

We are not selling anything. Nor do we have ad revenues. Only our authors and interview partners might have their books and their services advertised here, but any sale happens off-site. This blog is a private initiative. Ideally, new ideas and books come out of it. Consulting and coaching offerings will be considered in the future.

Do you have a political leaning?

We live in strange times where groups at various ends of the political spectrum stopped talking to each other, be it in the US, the UK, Germany, or elsewhere. We believe in free speech and the pursuit of happiness by each individual. Thus, we’ll focus on you, our reader, and not on any institution, party, state, government, or religion.

For example, one of the most difficult decisions somebody might have to make is when to leave the home country if things start going south, like it is happening in Venezuela now. We will be giving tips and advice on how to tell when it is time to leave. Whether you then decide to stay for the sake of the country, your beliefs, or because you want to be remembered on a soldier’s grave as a hero who died for the fatherland, is all up to you. You have to make this decision. We will merely show you other options to save you and your family.

Our expert authors and interviewees are expected to come from all walks of life. We believe in debate and look forward to talking to and reading from all genders, nationalities, religions, ethnicity, age groups, political corners, and educational levels for a wide array of perspectives.